Post the First

So first posts are weird, right? I think everyone kind of knows that one. 

There have been a lot of transitions going on in my life. In the span of less than a month, I finished my “formal” graduate school work, had a fake-out graduation, moved seven hours from eastern Maine to western Massachusetts, started a clinical internship, lost my income, got married, and went back into a vaguely long-distance relationship when my new husband started his summer job. All things considered: lots of changes! And a lot of meltdowns, too. Not ashamed to admit that.

Back in January, I signed up for a 30 Day Challenge to journal every day for a month starting February 1st. On February 1st, I slipped on some ice and sprained my ankle, and the combination of extreme grumpiness and narcotics nipped that journaling plan in the bud really quickly. Still, I’ve been wanting to get back into it, and there’s enough going on in my life that I certainly have plenty to talk about. 

I’m hoping this blog will be a long-term project as I transition through my internship, into the working world (fingers crossed for the jobs I’ve already applied to!), and work on becoming a Real Adult, while still doing all the things that bring me joy: writing, talking about media, working for social justice, cooking/baking, and trying to find one good thing in every day. A post might be a picture instead of a journal entry, or an excerpt of some creative writing, or maybe just a bulleted “things I did today” list, but I’m going to do my best to put my metaphorical pen to paper and blog my little heart out.

Also, there will probably be gifs.

 photo tumblr_lsg2480iSk1qb9g03o1_500.gif

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