#readingwednesday: spindle’s end



Some weeks, you have more than enough physical, emotional, and mental energy to pick up a new book and start at page one. Other weeks, you need the literary equivalent of a warm, cozy hug.

Guess what kind of week I’m having?

Spindle’s End is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and has been one of my absolute favorite books since high school–so much of a favorite, in fact, that I actually, totally accidentally, stole a copy from my high school library. Sorry, school! (I sent them a new copy a few years ago with an apology note. Hopefully I’ve been forgiven, and the late fees aren’t still adding up. Eek.) Unlike the Disney cartoon, Spindle’s End works hard to create a genuine world of magic and politics, and a full cast of wonderful, lovable characters with flaws and growth.

But what really keeps bringing me back to Spindle’s End again and again is the wonderful female friendships that make up the core of the story. The book is really about female strength–not just “strong female characters” (the hatred I have for that phrase, guys, seriously) but female characters who are allowed to be feminine and androgynous, rambunctious and calm, family-focused and independent, and sometimes all of those things at once.

At the end of the day, it’s a story about the power of love and friendship conquering evil. How much more of a literary hug can you get?

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