Who I Am

Hi! My name is Shelly. Here’s a picture of my face:

mns headshot

Some things never change.)

Who I Am:
A huge dork that loves media analysis, books, comics, superhero movies, musicals, singing loudly and obnoxiously in my car, dog videos, and coloring books.

A  former clinical therapist, now doing communications and development for a mindfulness and spirituality nonprofit.

A wife to a very cute dude that I like a whole lot.

Dedicated dog mom.

What I Do

Currently, I work as the Communications and Development Associate for a small Jewish nonprofit that develops mindfulness and spirituality-based trainings for clergy, teachers, and community leaders. I develop marketing and fundraising materials, print and electronic publications, manage social media, and probably a host of other things that I haven’t learned about yet.

I have always loved working with kids and getting to know different people. I spent a little over a year doing clinical therapy with kids and adolescents, most of whom have trauma histories. Every one of my clients was a unique individual with their own strengths, dreams, and ideas, and I loved working with them. I’m looking forward to finding new volunteer opportunities with kids and teens in my new locale.

I work as an activist for a number of causes, including reproductive rights, queer rights, and economic justice. In general, social justice is a big thing for me. I do a lot of blogging about media representation, diversity, and the importance of listening to marginalized voices.

I am a writer, particularly interested in creative fiction. I am working on a novel. Isn’t everyone working on a novel? I’d sure like to finish mine. My focus is on diverse characters and realistic fantasy, to give kids who never seem to see themselves be heroes a chance to see themselves be heroes. I do a lot of reading.

I’m a foodie. I love trying new recipes, putting food and wine in the same location, and carrying on that wonderful Jewish tradition of feeding people. All people. Are you sure you aren’t hungry?

Lastly, I’m learning how to be a real grown-up. Look ma, no hands!

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